Project Management ERP

Project Management ERP

Project Management ERP

Create Sub Milestones for Every Project

In ERP Software project management ERP helps you to create sub-milestones for every project and manage the milestones along with the defined timelines of the project, and this helps your team to plan the work very efficiently.

Define the Target Date for every sub milestone

Completing the defined work is very important to get more effective results. You can determine the target date for every sub milestone and work towards achieving the milestones and monitor your team members for reaching those milestones.

Modify the Scheduled time for Milestone

Sometimes we may fail to complete the scheduled timelines for the sub-milestones. Your team can change or modify the planned maturities for the milestones to communicate across the departments easily to alter their plans towards their works.

Assign Works to other team members

It assists your team members to assign works to their subordinates or other team members to perform the given milestones. Moreover, get notified as and when the members complete the jobs./p>

Update the completed work progress

Every completed work can remain updated through Project ERP is to help other departments to schedule the payments and due reminders to the customers and any other progress required for the customers related to the projects.

Send Material Request

Your team may require so many required materials for uninterrupted work. Through advance materials request they can manage all the future materials requirements.

Manage Previous Indent Requests

Once the indent issued, you may require multiple times materials issue from stores. This ERP helps your project team to manage all the previous indent requests and accept all the materials against the indent given.

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