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Tranquil ERP Software Company is connecting the dots through useful ERP Software for the smooth functioning of business activities. With businesses going global, a customized and effective (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP Software for small business, large business has become inevitable. Driven by this belief Tranquil as Best ERP software provider implements a tailored, automated and user-friendly ERP that caters to all kinds of industries.

Our ERP Software helps to organize, automatize and contemporize business processes for enhancing Sales and marketing. It is suitable for any enterprise, with advanced Features. Our goal is to achieve maximum utility of its resources, Easy Process, Cost Savings, and Employee Delight. As a Top ERP Vendors in India, known for best in customized erp software companies, we are catering to Our Clients across the globe.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Right ERP SOFTWARE COMPANY!

  • Advanced and ever-evolving solutions
  • Solutions easy to infuse in the organizational structure
  • Maxim utilization of resources
  • Business intelligence with the Easy process
  • Applicable to all the departments of a business

CRM Software for Pre - Sales Process With ERP APP

Lead Processing & Team Planning

As One of the leading ERP software companies in India, Our one of the Dynamic module in ERP Software is Pre-Sales CRM. Through Pre-Sales Module or customer relationship management you can manage the complete leads for various projects, product planning, competitive advantage, and employees and ERP Solutions helps you to plan it in a better way on daily activities, future activities and to improve profitability

The User, Telecaller, Agent / CP, Visitor Mobile ERP App

The success of any software is its usability and how easily users can use the software. It is built in Android and IOS mobile apps to give better and easy access to the ERP App users to use it on the go.

Live Chat, Web Analytics & Bulk SMS, Email through CRM Software

Integrated with Live Chat System, Website Analytics, Bulk Sms and Bulk email services to get the easy usage of all these applications in a simple click of the button in your software system.

Summary of Defined Activities and Know Cost Per Sale

Every company profit depends on Cost per Sale also. You can adequately measure every source cost per sale and also it helps you to understand the cost per transaction for each employee.

Task Assign, Process & customer service Connect Through CRM Software

Task Manager is to help your employees to work efficiently on the tasks given and received by and from various team members and store the necessary documents towards the job. Customer Connect is a group of customers and sending easily personalized communications.

Data control & Security

Complete data can manage by highly secured servers and various security features. It is highly secured user-defined access to view the data. Moreover, each activity of the user will store on the server for the future reference.

Tranquil Erp has many data control & security features compare to many erp platforms

Send Quotes and File Manager Through CRM Software

You can start sending quotes and store the history of the quotes for the future reference. These quotes can be created in a single click of the button and send an email.

Dashboard & Integrated CIS

You have a customized dashboard to get a glance at the team on current status of the activities, closures, source wise performance, employees’ performance and the cost per sale and many more. Every communication of the customer can view in an integrated CIS form.

With CRM you can automatize your business litigates and synchronize all the consents of customer needs to get an overall approximation about project position.

  • Customer enrollment
  • Monitor position.
  • Customer Payment Milestones.
  • Customer additional work Management
  • Payment Tracking
  • Deliver
ERP Software Other Modules

Post Sales CRM Module - No More Mistakes With ERP SOFTWARE

Sales & Auto Billing Systems

As being one of the best erp software company for erp software Providers in India we are always working with Sales & Billing systems helps you to create, view and update all the bills and sales from your company or organization. It is a natural process to store and summaries all the transactions and statements.

Additional Work orders tracking, Tax Calculations

After one work order, if any other work order also issued by your clients, it has the provision to store the additional works and it has auto tax calculations.

Payment Collection, Milestone Payment Calculations & Due Reminders

It helps you to store all the payments collected against the invoices and auto-schedule of new payments on milestone will be created based on the work progress and send due auto-reminders to your clients in the defined format.

Call, SMS & Email Integration, Group SMS & EMAIL

Interact and send an easy communication, integrated with Call, SMS & Email application with allows you to use the templates and send SMS and email. Every customer grouped in the database for any group communications use group SMS and group email to send personalized messages.

Reports & Payment Funnels, Future Forecasting

Standing One of the Top 10 ERP software companies in India, Tranquil as Cloud erp & Customized ERP Software Company, helps you to define what kind of statements will help you to view a better positioning of your department or organization regarding defined performance metrics and helps you to do the future forecasting.

Activities Tracking & Tracking of Company Policies, Documents, Booking forms

It can help in tracking many events of team members such as meetings, payment follow-ups, escalations, and any other discussion. Update or create company policies and make it available to all the team members and get booking forms as and when it is required.

Stage-Wise Payment Projections, Future Collection Plan

It helps you for better financial management and useful to get the stage-wise payment projections Approval process, Create & Manage Templates. Know more through ERP Software Videos.

Accounting / Finance Module

Overall Sales Process Through ERP Software:

Implement ERP Systems to monitor complete sales accounting details and updated through the accounting module. It is an integrated system with customers purchase details, payment details, any return of goods, cancellations and many more.

Payments & Received update

You can update all the payments made and received amounts through the software such as vendor payments, contractor payments, employee payments, general bill payments, and the customer received amounts.

Cheques Control

In the scale of business, your company dealing, you may be getting advance payment cheques against your receivables, and you may be paid advance cheques for payables. Managing every cheque is easy through cheques control to get the view, details, and triggers.

Contractors Payments & Works Flow

Creation of Contractors and assigning the work order to the contractors and managing the delivered work by the contractors in one single process.

Purchase orders and Inward Stock

This part is to understand and cross check what the purchase orders you sent are and what is your inward stock and is that matching in what you gave as PO and what you received as Bill. In the event of any miss match in PO to Bill, it will show in the Accounting module.

Assets Control

There may be many assets purchased for your company. You need to monitor and understand the assets who is using, what is the current status, what is depreciation and what is the present value of your assets.

Expenses tracking Process

Your accounts team may be issuing many costs for the small and significant expense. This feature helps them to create into many groups and give you a consolidated report for easy understanding about the every group expenses and control an unproductive expenditure.

Expense Scheduler / Planning of Expenses

You may have pre-planned expenses and few defined expenses for your company. This feature will help you to fix the costs for the month get notified when it is crossing the prescribed amount. You can easily control the expenses by defining the limit for each month. There is always huge difference between ERP Systems based companies and non erp based companies. ERP Systems based companies always have the better control over their accounting. There are somany companies using erp software in india to expand their business operations and increase revenue.

Procurement Management

Manage Vendors for Future Purchases

From the List of erp software modules the high money saving and effective module is procurement management. For procuring the required materials, you may expect many vendors associated with your company. You can add many vendors and access them as and when it is necessary.

Manage Products or materials

Every vendor associated with your company may have their number of products and materials to be supplied to your company as per the requirement of your company. It helps you to identify the right vendor with the automated mapping of products, materials to the pricing what they are giving you to the competitors.

Purchase Approval Process

You can pre-fix the product maximum procuring price and when your team not able to find the products at your pre-fixed price they need to get approval from higher authority. As and when the respectively designated person approving it will show the difference in the project costing and impact of the change in price.

Manage Quotes and Triggers

Your team can add the quotes given by various vendors and system will show them the best option for procuring in ascending order based on the pricing, supply chain management capability and previous history with the vendor. You can efficiently manage the complete supply chain management.

Create P.O. & Track P.O's

Your team can easily create the Purchase orders (P.O’s) on a single click of the button, and it sends an auto email in a PDF format to your vendor. You can easily track the Purchase order details, and when delivered to the store or defined place, it will follow.

Purchase History

Your team purchase can view the purchase history of every vendor or supplier to coordinate the payments and have the better view for the future requirements

Comparison& Auto suggestions

Pre uploaded erp software price list of various vendors and various materials or products will help to speedup your procurement process. It gives a better comparison from various vendors for the required products to get the best possible prices, and the system may give you an auto suggestion for every product or material what is the best buy.

Zero cost Method

One of the best erp software examples which can control your costing is Zero cost method. The Zero Cost method is to fix the pricing for every product what is the maximum price you want to pay for the product. Every time you want to procure the product, your team needs to feed the quotes. While supplying the quotes, they need to feed the quotations less than the price you fixed, and when they want to send for approval, it requires a minimum of 10 quotes to sent while sending for approval.

Margin Defining Process

Apart from zero cost process, it has the margin defining the process. How it works is you need to fix at one place the percentage of the margin you want to get from the buying process. The system may adjust the products and materials maximum price based on the proportion fixed by you.

Human Resources / Pay Role / Attendance App

Employee System

Manage every employee of your company along with their personal information and id, assets, email accounts, access cards and everything related to the employee.

Performance Metrix

Create a performance matrix for each role in your company and monitor the performance of every employee of the company.

Pay Roll System

Your HR Team may be spending much time on the payroll system. A Single click of the button to manage the Pay Roll system.

Expenses Tracking

There may be some of the direct or indirect payments need to approve HR team to various departments. You may efficiently manage the complete expense permitted to the HR team.

Leaves Application

As a company, you may define the policies for the number of leaves permitted for the employees and approval requirement for the leaves. Every leave application may come to the HR team for the review and approve or disapprove the leave. In the event of more leaves, if they want to define it as unpaid leave, they can easily map them as unpaid leaves.

Jobs Monitor

Your HR team may be dealing with many job requirements from various departments, and it may require a lot many interviews and reviews. Your HR team may efficiently conveniently manage the total interview candidates, and if needed any future requirement it can be saved in their defined way.

Salary Calculations & Pay Slips

One of the most important and time taking work for the HR team is to calculate the salaries and create the pay slips. With a click of the button, you can calculate the salaries in a defined format and get the pay slips in one single step.

Attendance Tracking

One of the most important and time taking work for the HR team is to calculate the salaries and create the pay slips. With a click of the button, you can calculate the salaries in a defined format and get the pay slips in one single step.

Employee Documentation

Every document of the employee stored in the defined folder in the file manager. As per the requirement any time your team can search and view the records and download the documents as and when it is required.

Auto Offer Letter, Appointment, Increment, and Experience letters

Your HR team can create an offer letter, appointment letter, increment letter and experience letter with a click of the button. Know more through Our Videos

Inventory / Stores Module

Stock Inward and Outward:

How to use erp software? This will be the most of the users doubt. When Tranquil ERP software Company built ERP software with user friendly and highly customized to accomodate all the users requirements, now ERP Systems usage is no more challenge. All the inward stock and outward stock can be captured by Implementing ERP Software along with the batch number and expiry date if required. Your stores' team may identify the right products and materials while issuing the materials.

Stock Analysis

Stock analysis through ERP Software may help you to understand what is the minimum required to stock and what they have at the stores. It captures from various stores and places overall stock placed. If you want to what is the available stock value along with the average pricing and what is the availability of the stock, it is easy to view on a click of the button on each stock to consider the purchase history.

Stock Request Process

For creating indents, ERP software integrated with the mobile app, your users can create the request in straightforward steps by using the mobile app, and they can send the request to stores. Your stores' team may not require again to feed the details. It is still in the simple steps. They need to feed the issued stock against the requested Indent.

Stock Inwards and Out Wards Tracking

Your stores' team may track the inward and outwards through ERP Software history. Sometimes they may need to send the materials to different places on demand. This ERP software solution helps them to easily track and update every inward and outwards detail in stores management solutions software.

Direct delivery

When you are dealing with work happening in various places, your stores' team may need to send products and materials directly to the different stores or places. Every direct delivery may not come to your store for entry. However, through this software, you may efficiently manage the immediate delivery practically.

Available Stock Present Value

While purchasing products, you may be bought products at various prices. This feature of ERP Software helps you to understand what is the present value of stock available at the stores and if required at multiple stores.

Consumption Project Wise Calculations

For every project or work, you may define the maximum use of products materials for the work to complete. As and when the stores' team issuing the products through ERP Software, they get the trigger of what is the maximum allotted elements and what they are releasing now.

Stock History

They can quickly view the complete history of each material they received. It may be from various vendors and multiple times you received stock. Every time it may be with the different batch number and expiry date. It may come with some defect. This part of ERP Software module helps to understand where you received the defected or damaged product.

Indent Process

Create indents and manage indents through the Mobile ERP software app. Every time you no need to create a physical copy of indent and get approval from the respective authority. It may be consuming a lot of time and waiting period. Your indent and approval process for indent is straightforward.

Multiple Allotment of Stock

Sometimes your stores' team may need to allow stock numerous times against one indent; this may be due to non-availability of stock and not an immediate requirement at the workplace. Defect Material: Manage and update the complete defected materials from various lots, batch numbers and multiple vendors. Every exit and re-entry of defected materials may efficiently manage through ERP Software usage.

Customer Module Access through ERP Software

Purchase Details or Customer Sale Details

For every customer, you may create the login and customer can view the booking details. You can define what the customer needs to be displayed in erp software. He can see his booking of purchase details Payment Details: For every reservation or purchase, there may be different schedule and payment history. The customer can view his future expected scheduled payments, and as of now what he paid.

Receipts Downloads of Customer payments

Every payment he made will be stored for his understanding and to store the complete purchase details history in one place. As and when your customers require downloading the receipts for taxation or any other requirement he can download the receipts.

Documents Uploads for Integrated System

All the documents related to the customer stored on the customer-defined page in ERP Software. As and when a customer wants to get any of his documents it is available at one single view along with the download option if permitted by the admin.

Account Statement & Work Progress Updation

If your customer wants to view the consolidated account statement, he can display in this customer module along with the work progress pictures and the date of completion of each scheduled work.

Escalations for quick resolve

There may be many issues and problems your customer may have. Many times customer may be dealing with many of your employees. Also, sometimes your customer doesn’t know to whom he needs to contact. Through this module, it is easy to manage both the sides with a natural escalation process.

Project Management Module

Purchase Details

Create Sub Milestones for Every Project

In ERP Software project management module helps you to create sub-milestones for every project and manage the milestones along with the defined timelines of the project, and this helps your team to plan the work very efficiently.

Define the Target Date for every sub milestone

Completing the defined work is very important to get more effective results. You can determine the target date for every sub milestone and work towards achieving the milestones and monitor your team members for reaching those milestones.

Modify the Scheduled time for Milestone

Sometimes we may fail to complete the scheduled timelines for the sub-milestones. Your team can change or modify the planned maturities for the milestones to communicate across the departments easily to alter their plans towards their works.

Assign Works to other team members

It assists your team members to assign works to their subordinates or another team members to perform the given milestones. Moreover, get notified as and when the members complete the jobs./p>

Update the completed work progress

Every completed work can remain updated through Project module is to help other departments to schedule the payments and due reminders to the customers and any other progress required for the customers related to the projects.

Send Material Request

Your team may require so many required materials for uninterrupted work. Through advance materials request they can manage all the future materials requirements.

Manage Previous Indent Requests

Once the indent issued, you may require multiple times materials issue from stores. This module helps your project team to manage all the previous indent requests and accept all the materials against the indent given.

Why Tranquil ERP is one of the Top 10 ERP Software Companies in India

Among the top erp companies, Tranquil ERP Software Company Built an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning to suit any kind of organizations with advanced list of erp software Features and user-friendly Process. Tranquil ERP software for small business also available. Our ERP Software goal is to achieve maximum utility of its resources, Easy Process, Cost Savings and Employee Delight. Tranquil ERP Software with list of erp software features as follows: Planning of Budgets, Proper communication, Quick response to Customers, Understand more about your customer, Channel Partner management, Analytics, Customer connect, Task Management, Auto due reminders, Payment Planning, Work order Tracking, Tax Calculations, Payment Funnels, Future forecasting, tracking of company policies, wastage management, Overall sales management, cheques management, Contractors Management, PO issues, Assets Management, Expense Scheduler and management, Manage vendors, Manage Products, Approval Process, Send Quotes, Zero Cost Management, Margin Defining Process, Stock Management, Stock Analysis, Indent Management, Employee Management, Pay Roll Management, Leaves and Jobs Management, Salary Calculations, Customer Module, Project Management and many more.

Choosing Tranquil ERP From Many ERP Software Companies in India

ERP Systems plays a fantastic part in the decrease in risk, and also it enhances the financial functioning of the firm. An ERP ought to be able to fulfill the changing business requirements and ought to be able to merge with emerging technologies. If you're looking for ERP Software Companies that generally means you are ready to do big business or an enterprise spread around the world.

There are somany Benefits of ERP Software Your organizations will have the ability to secure more with low work. Implementing ERP Software from trusted ERP Software companies like Tranquil ERP will undoubtedly boost the organization's productivity. Since there are many organizations to select from, but the very first thing that you have to determine is, what is the most suitable organization based on your business requirements.

ERP software typically includes multiple enterprise software modules which individually purchased, dependent on what best meets the particular wants and technical capabilities of the organization. Not only that, but it helps to eliminate redundant processes and systems, dramatically lowering the cost of doing business overall. One can select from some ERP software readily available in the marketplace.

Older systems may not permit the flexibility needed. On the flip side, if the very same system has purchased from the expert ERP development company, that will enable you to discover all the functional regions of the enterprise together with keeping a healthy working environment within the organization. It's almost not possible to locate an established ERP Systems which caters to all your business requirements, so the ideal thing you can do is identify the best ERP Software company like Tranquil ERP, who are into customized ERP Software system that is most suitable for your company through a rigorous selection approach.

B2B ERP Software

In most of the B2B businesses, there exists a considerable complexity. Involved customers must go through the complex ordering and transaction procedure. B2B ERP software accelerates your financial close, supplies powerful expense management, offers streamlined & auditable revenue management, and guarantees complete real-time visibility into the commercial operation of the business. ERP for B2B manages your finance and enhance the sustainability with compliance with statutory requirements. B2B ERP Software is a start to finish solution for business people to grow in the market regarding gain and relationship.

There are many ERP Software Advantages

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List of ERP Software Modules
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