ERP Invetory Management Software from Tranquil COmpany

ERP Invetory Management Software from Tranquil COmpany

Inventory / Stores ERP

Stock Inward and Outward:

How to use ERP Software? This will be most of the users' doubt. When Tranquil with user-friendly and highly customized to accommodate all the users requirements, now erp companiesusage is no more challenge. All the inward stock and outward stock can be captured by Implementing ERP along with the batch number and expiry date if required. Your inventory management' team may identify the right products and materials real time while issuing the materials.

Stock Analysis

Stock analysis through ERP may help you to understand what is the minimum required to stock and what they have at the stores. It captures from various stores and places overall stock placed. If you want to what is the available stock value along with the average pricing and what is the availability of the stock, it is easy to view on a click of the button on each stock to consider the purchase history.

Stock Request Process

For creating indents, ERP Software integrated with the mobile app, your users' can create the request in straightforward steps by using the mobile app, and they can send the request to stores. Your stores' team may not require again to feed the details. It is still in the simple steps. They need to feed the issued stock against the requested Indent.

Stock Inwards and Out Wards Tracking

Your stores' team may track the inward and outwards through history. Sometimes they may need to send the materials to different places on demand. This ERP software solution helps them to easily track and update every inward and outwards detail in stores management solutions software.

Direct delivery

When you are dealing with work happening in various places, your store's team may need to send products and materials directly to the different stores or locations. Every direct delivery may not come to your store for entry. However, through our ERP, you may efficiently manage the immediate delivery practically.

Available Stock Present Value

While purchasing products, you may be bought products at various prices. This feature of software helps you to understand what is the present value of stock available at the stores and if required at multiple stores.

Consumption Project Wise Calculations

For every project or work, you may define the maximum use of products materials for the work to complete. As and when the stores' team issuing the products through ERP, they get the trigger of what is the maximum allotted elements and what they are releasing now.

Stock History

They can quickly view the complete history of each material they received. It may be from various vendors and multiple times you received stock. Every time it may be with the different batch number and expiry date. It may come with some defect. This part of ERP helps to understand where you received the defected or damaged product.

Indent Process

Through our mobile ERP app, you can Create indents and manage indents through the app itself. Every time you no need to create a physical copy of indent and get approval from the respective authority. It may be consuming a lot of time and waiting period. Your indent and approval process for indent is straightforward.

Multiple Allotment of Stock

Sometimes your stores' team may need to allow stock numerous times against one indent; this may be due to non-availability of stock and not an immediate requirement at the workplace. Defect Material: Manage and update the complete defected materials from various lots, batch numbers and multiple vendors. Every exit and re-entry of defected materials may efficiently manage through ERP Software usage.


Purchase orders and Inward Stock

Our accounting ERP makes easy to understand and cross check what the purchase orders you sent are and what is your inward stock and is that matching in what you gave as PO and what you received as Bill. In the event of any miss match in PO to Bill, it will show in the Accounting ERP.

Assets Control

There may be many assets purchased for your company. You need to monitor and understand the assets who is using, what is the current status, what is depreciation and what is the present value of your assets.

Expenses tracking Process

Your accounts team may be issuing many costs for the small and significant expense. This feature helps them to create into many groups and give you a consolidated report for easy understanding about the every group expenses and control an unproductive expenditure.

Expense Scheduler / Planning of Expenses

You may have pre-planned expenses and few defined expenses for your company. This feature will help you to fix the costs for the month get notified when it is crossing the prescribed amount. You can easily control the expenses by defining the limit for each month. There is always a huge difference between erp companies based companies and non erp companies. erp companies based companies always have elationship management elationship management a better control over their accounting. There are so many companies using right ERP Software companies in india to expand their business operations and increase revenue.

Steady growth is what many companies will always aim for; attaining higher revenue figures to earn more cash allows a company to hire more people and accomplish their initiatives quicker. However, as more divisions generated and more workers brought in, margins and productivity can endure without a good foundation. The accounting section is one area that gets hit harder than the rest. Keeping up with tax procedures and financial reports may be a snowball of disorganization and stress if the ideal team and work construction not constructed. Businesses finding themselves in this situation will not be saved by merely hiring more accountants. In such scenarios, using our ERP is not only a novel idea but a sensible one.

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