top 10 ERP Software Companies in India

top 10 ERP Software Companies in India

Why Tranquil ERP Software Vendors are one of the Top 10 ERP Software Companies in India

Among the top ERP companies and ERP vendors, Tranquil Built an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning to suit any kind of organization with an advanced list of ERP Software Features and user-friendly Processes. Tranquil ERP software for small businesses is also available. Our goal is to achieve maximum utility of its resources, Easy Process, Cost Savings and Employee Delight.

Tranquil with a list of ERP Software features as follows: Planning of Budgets, Proper communication, Quick response to Customers, Understand more about your customer, Channel Partner management, Analytics, Customer connect, Task Management, Auto due reminders, Payment Planning, Work order Tracking, Tax Calculations, Payment Funnels, Future forecasting, tracking of company policies, wastage management, Overall sales management, cheques management, Contractors Management, PO issues, Assets Management, Expense Scheduler, and management, Manage vendors, Manage Products, Approval Process, Send Quotes, Zero Cost Management, Margin Defining Process, Stock Management, Stock Analysis, Indent Management, Employee Management, Pay Roll Management, Leaves and Jobs Management, Salary Calculations, Customer ERP, Project Management and many more.

Tranquil ERP Software support all business functions of an enterprise, such as procurement, material management, production, logistics, maintenance, sales, distribution, financial accounting, asset management, cash management, controlling, strategic planning, and quality management. Tranquil ERP Vendors additionally supports industry-specific business purposes like managing hospitals and student management at universities. ERP software is based in an integrated database that stores master and transactional data in a consistent manner and with controlled redundancy. Tranquil can also be designed for companies that do business like buy, produce, market, warehouse in a variety of nations. ERP can manage the specific requirements of different areas and also this software also contains the preconfigured country-specific chart of account, preformatted file types and HR-related principles such as payroll. ERP Software also supports the ability to handle multiple currencies in most trades.

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